Company Overview

IEUA is committed to investing in our water supply for today and tomorrow through fiscal responsibility, efficient business practices, water supply management, and environmental stewardship.

Who We Are

Inland Empire Utilities Agency (IEUA/Agency) is a regional wastewater treatment agency and wholesale distributor of imported water. Today, the Agency is responsible for serving approximately 875,000 people over 242 square miles in western San Bernardino County. The Agency is focused on providing three key services: (1) treating wastewater and developing recycled water, local water resources, and conservation programs to reduce the region’s dependence on imported water supplies, thus enabling the service area to become drought-resilient; (2) converting biosolids and waste products into a high-quality compost made from recycled materials; and (3) generating electrical energy from renewable sources.

What We Do

The Inland Empire Utilities Agency (IEUA/Agency) seeks to fulfill its responsibility as a “Steward of the Region”; committed to sustainably enhancing the quality of life in the Inland Empire by ensuring that a clean, plentiful water supply is available now and in the future. Over the years, IEUA has taken a variety of responsibilities in order to better assure a sustainable water supply. This includes becoming a regional provider of wastewater treatment with domestic and industrial disposal systems, developing energy producing infrastructure, taking a leadership role in water resource management, and maintaining a high standard of community and educational outreach.

Formation & Purpose

The Agency was originally formed as the Chino Basin Municipal Water District on June 6, 1950 as a municipal corporation with a mission to supply supplemental imported water purchased from the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California (MWD) to municipalities in the Chino Groundwater Basin. Since then, the Agency has expanded its mission from a supplemental water supplier to include regional wastewater treatment with domestic and industrial disposal systems, and energy production facilities. In addition, the Agency has become a major provider of recycled water, a supplier of biosolids/compost materials and continues to lead the way in water quality management and environmental protection in the Inland Empire.

Mission Statement

Inland Empire Utilities Agency is committed to meeting the needs of the region by providing essential services in a regionally planned and cost effective manner while safeguarding public health, promoting economic development and protecting the environment. Key areas of service:

  • Securing and supplying imported water;
  • Collecting and treating wastewater;
  • Producing high-quality renewable products such as recycled water; compost and energy;
  • Promoting sustainable use of groundwater and development of local water supplies.

Agency Vision

To become a world class leader in water management and environmental stewardship, including water quality, water-use efficiency, recycled water, and renewable energy, in order to enhance and preserve the quality of life throughout the region.

Agency Values

Leading the way. Planning for the future. Protecting the resources of the communities we serve. The Inland Empire Utilities Agency is:

  • Committed to applying ethical, fiscally responsible, transparent and environmentally sustainable principles to all aspects of business and organizational conduct;

  • Working with integrity as one team, while celebrating the region’s diversity;

  • Staying in the forefront of the industry through education, innovation, efficiency, and creativity.

Company Summary
Inland Empire Utilities Agency
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6075 Kimball Avenue
Chino, CA